Marketing your home

Nowadays, we believe that employing strong marketing techniques is just smart business, regardless. In seller's market, good marketing can bring higher prices and, in buyer's markets, it could mean the difference between sold or expired. Good marketing might not sell your house, but it will make the phone ring. If buyers don't call, you will not sell.


Today's home buyers begin there search online, so good HDR photos are essential. Listings without a photo or with only an exterior pictures are often ignored. Buyers are visual. Follow these tips and your house photo will look ten times better than the competition's: 

  • Crop out sidewalks and streets. 
  • Remove vehicles from driveway / front of home. 
  • Shoot up-close & angled photos. 
  • Avoid shade on the house. 

Virtual tours

Buyers love  virtual tours. Every home should have a virtual tour, even if it's only few spins. 

  • A good virtual tour will grab a buyer by the hand and lead him from room to room, showing a 360-degree view,
  • you can add sound, music or an exciting, professionally written description that scrolls with the movement of the tour

Send E-Flyers

Today, internet revolution has made it easy for us to create and send electronic flyers. You can also include multiple photographs of your house. 

For sale sign

Signage encourages home buyers to call yout. It's free advertising! If your home is a corner lot, put up two signs. immoplanete offer free sign with seller's info.

Open Houses

  • Place open house signs throughout the front house, 
  • Find the busiest intersection closest to your home and put an open house sign at that corner, The arrows should point buyers in the right direction,
  • Advertise open house online,
  • Invite the neighbors,