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Selling your home can be exciting. You’ll need to fix all those little things you’ve let go for so years. You’ll need to be patient! Selling your home can take some time, depending on your local real estate market.

In the past few years, there has been changes in the behavior of buyers, INTERNET, is the Best Tool ever for today's real estate search. Therefore, 90% of buyers are looking for a property on the Internet. Easy to use, it allows to view virtually the home. The online real estate websites between between owners dethrone the "real estate agencies.

This change in buyer behavior is not related to the real estate market, but illustrates a revolution in consumption patterns. Here are some arguments:

  • The majority of home buyers  avoid agency fees to be too high;
  • Some want to cope alone;
  • Some choose the formula between individuals following a bad experience with "professionals";
  • And some had lack of confidence in real estate brokers.

What exactly is

IMMOPLANETE is designed for you to sell your house without having to pay the high cost of commission. Homes for sale on IMMOPLANETE are all for sale by their owners, not through real estate broker. Our sellers pay themselves the commission they would have paid those brokers. You can do it too.

IMMOPLANETE helps people to sell there properties, no matter if it is a small single family house or multiplex building, commercial building, farm or land. You have a property, you can sell it by your own.

As Private Sale Professionals (PSP), we help make the home selling process easy to understand.  Contact us for more information

IMMOPLANETE provides all the tools you need so you don't have to spend the money on commission. We want you to sell your house successfully on your own, so that you can keep the yourself...start here login